I’m so proud to tell that today I completed my 6 years working in little scholars daycare. I would like to express my wholehearted thanks to the Director Ms Gargi and to all the parents and the children who gave me so much love During these times and they will continue giving me this love for many years. I made so many families ,my family friends It’s a wonderful experience to see children growing and learning and I learn lots of things from them too. All the staff and parents are like one family. In this daycare we celebrate lots of celebrations family day, Christmas, Stampede, Mother’s day Fathers day, multiculture day, Library month, Diwali, Chinese New year its so much fun. Everyday Im so excited to come and meet everybody. Its not only me who completed 6 years we have so many staff who are working here for long. All the staff and the Director are so approachable, as there is lot of communication between parents and staff and Director / Owner this is the key of our success of our Daycare. Im so proud to say that we are expanding in September and opening Before and After School Care Program in Berkley location and one new center opening on 32nd ave and Edmonton trail by the same name (625 42nd ave NE) it will be daycare and before and after school care program I would suggest that this is the best place to work at and to put your children in for their best learning and growth. Thank you so much for reading my feelings. Maraming Salamat!😊❤️