Little Scholars Daycare aims to provide a working environment, which is safe, and without risks to individual health and welfare which is vital to the successful functioning of our service. Promotion and maintenance of a safe working environment is a responsibility shared by all. It is the policy of Little Scholars Daycare to comply with the requirements of the Government of Alberta Health and Safety Policy, and to strive for continuous improvement in its standards of health and safety. To this end our director and staff will ensure that:

 Occupational Health and safety is a shared responsibility of all staff.

 Staff will comply with Occupational Health and Safety related legislation and directives or guidelines relating to health and safety.

 The program will supply and display appropriate information, resources and training.

 Adequate resources are made available to staff to ensure they can discharge their duties there by ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all members of the School and others who may be affected by our activities.

 There is regular, effective communication to inform staff, parents, children and other stakeholders of health and safety matters, and effective mechanisms that allow for the reporting to management any concerns relating to health, safety and welfare issues.

 That staff are given the necessary information, training and supervision to both inform them of their duties and responsibilities and also to enable them to discharge their duties safely and without risk to health.

 Training and understanding for the safe use, storage and handling of hazardous substances and the health risks of chemicals and disinfectants used will be provided by management.

 Staffs handling food need to acquire training in food safety upon commencement of service.

 Emergency evacuation procedures will be clearly displayed near the main entrance and exit of each room.

 Emergency evacuation (fire drills) will be conducted each month.

 This policy will be kept up to date to take account of changes in the daycare’s activities, and the Policy, and the way in which it is operated will be reviewed every year by management. The director will give a copy of this Policy to new members of staff on their first day and ask them to read it. Staff will be asked to indicate by signature that they have both heard and read the instructions on Health and Safety given to them.