Jennifer Ramsay

Wonderful staff at Little Scholars! My daughter has been attending for 3 years now and loves her friends and the staff. Definitely would recommend:) Convenient hours and clean facility

Anu Rajput

My daughter in this Daycare from last 1.5 years and learnt sharing, loviing, toilet training, eating food by herself. I am so happy my daughter come home with lots of energy and talk about staff and say the Staff is very loving and caring. I am happy that my child is in the best daycare

Rebecca Beuhauer

Amazing day care. Clean facilities, friendly staff. I am glad that my child got spot in the day care. Everytime i go, i hear staff doing fun activities with children. My child loves this place and the teachers.

Joe Joe

Our daughter has been going to this daycare since she was a baby she is now almost 4 years old. At first I was scared to send my kids to any daycares because of all of the horrifying stories you here about daycares but little scholars is the most amazing daycare the facility is clean […]

Shivani Narang

My daughter joined the daycare 7 months ago.I can see a tremendous change in my daughter’s personality. I would like to thank Director Gargi saini and the whole staff for taking care of my kid.I am happy with my decision of choosing the daycare.

Pouya Padiav

Great place, friendly staff, and a very caring supervisor. I always see kids hugging and kissing their teachers because of how nice and caring the people who work there are.

Windy Velasquez

I’m so proud to tell that today I completed my 6 years working in little scholars daycare. I would like to express my wholehearted thanks to the Director Ms Gargi and to all the parents and the children who gave me so much love During these times and they will continue giving me this love [&hellip

Andy Vasic

Great place. This daycare has loving and caring staff. Director is very approachable. I sent my son to many other daycares and he could not get adjusted and I had to keep changing daycares. At Little Scholars Daycare, within two days my son became very comfortable. Helped my son learn how to make fr

Christy Brausse

My daughter is treated amazingly by the staff at Little Scholars. I would absolutely recommend sending your child for care. Any questions are answered promptly and professionally. 5 stars!

Huma Ch

My son and I love this day care. It has lots of space for kids to play indoor and outdoor. They provide very good and healthy food. The staff is so loving, caring and always cheerful. My son never complained about his teachers so far which shows me that he is in a good care. […]

Laura Weston

Both of my children went to little scholars and now it’s just my youngest. I have zero negative things to say about this place. They are phenomenal. So caring and kind. My kids are/ we’re so happy here.

Magda Sikirija

After several days when my son first started this daycare, I was quite satisfied with the treatment, care and the way they were acting with my child. After a few months I was delighted and proud that I chose Little scholars daycare. The staff that is so well suited to all the individual needs of [&h

Mellisa Rao

I am so glad that I found this place for my 13 months old daughter, the staff is very caring and loving. Every time I go I feel so much welcomed staff is always pleasing and I hear them having fun time with all the children.The facility is very clean. I would recommend this daycare […]

Lucia Xu

My two children went to this daycare for 2 years but unfortunately we had to move to Edmonton and of course my boys moved with me ,myself and my children miss all the lovely staff and director at Little Scholars Daycare. I would highly recommend this place to all the parents.This facility is very ne