Dear Parents and Guardians:
Little Scholars Daycare Greenview will be providing a Montessori Based Preschool Program starting September 2020. This means that your child will be attending the Montessori program in the morning from 9:00 am-11:00 am, 5 days a week. This program has been introduced to the children since August 2020 for just 30-40 minutes a day to get used to the environment. Every term Parents will receive the Progress Report.

The program will explore the concepts of:

  • Practical Life Skills – Learning how to put on their own coat, rolling and unrolling a mat, carrying a tray, wiping up a spill, pouring beans using two identical glasses, transferring beans with a spoon, sorting beads using tongs, opening and closing containers, folding clothes, packing an overnight bag, washing hands, caring for a plant, planting a seed, sorting cutlery, setting a table, wrapping a present, greeting people, offering food to others and other self-care activities, etc.
  • Sensorial Materials – Working with the cylinder blocks, building the Pink Tower, working with the Red Rods, learning more about the Knobless cylinders and working with them, matching nomenclature cards, working with color tablets and knowing more about the touch boards and touch tablets.
  • Mathematics – Learning how to recognize numbers and what they mean – e.g. counting with Number Rods, Counting with Spindle Boxes, playing the Memory Game, working with the INSTA-Learn math board, matching quantities and numbers, using the Golden Bead Material to understand the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, solving easy word problems, and working with the Teen, Tens and hundred board.
  • Culture and Science – Exploring the Sandpaper globe, exploring the Puzzle map of the world and Puzzle map of the Continents, introducing directions, understanding the movement of the Sun, exploring the Seasons, learning about famous people, understanding plants and animals, living and non-living things, introducing parts of the flower, exploring density and volume .
  • Each child will be involved in music and movement, free-play, art and craft and outdoor play.
  • Each month we will be learning different languages for example French, Irish, German and loads more to expand your child’s language development.

Below is some more information on the Montessori Based Preschool Program. There is a YouTube Video which has more information. Please have a look and if you have any questions please let us know, we are happy to help.


We are offering this Montessori based Preschool Program free of cost for the month August & September and commencing from October fee for the Montessori Based Preschool Program is $100 per month. All equipment and materials will be provided by Little Scholars Daycare Green-view.

Thank you for your time.

Gargi Saini

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