We are doing these Training with our staff on regular basis

  • Workshops
  • Effective Supervision
  • Building Relationships with Children
  • Building Relationships with Families
  • Allow me to have a Moment
  • Emotional Vocabulary
  • Play in the Environment


  • Effective Supervision
    Transitions, safety procedure moving from one room to the next, positioning, scanning, room rules and implementing rules
  • Supportive Responsive Relationships
    Positive specific feedback, positively stated expectations, Use specific and descriptive encouragement for children’s skills, behavior and activities.
  • Give directions that are short, simple, and specific. Make sure children understand the directions you have given.
  • Give positive and specific encouragement to children.
  • Comment frequently on children’s appropriate behavior
  • Join children’s play and support/expand their interactions

Co-workers Relationships

  • Provide encouragement and support to the colleagues
  • Plan with classroom staff on how to work as a team
  • Make teaming and collaboration a priority

High Quality Environments Transitions

  • Prepare children for changes that occur in the schedule
  • Provide a whole class warning  prior to transitions
  • Develop games and songs to create engaging transitions
  • Teach steps of transitions and expectations
  • Provide positive specific feed back to children who transition appropriately engage all students in the transition

Schedules and Routines

  • Plan both large and small group activities
  • Include a balance of teacher directed and child led activities

Classroom Design

  • Adequate number and variety of centres to maintain children’s interest

HR Support

  • Policies and Procedures and organizational tools and skills
  • Staff retention and Staff discipline procedure
  • Professional development support
  • Community Resources
  • Leadership team and task list
  • Coaching floor supervisor
  • Using a strength based approach with staff
  • Inter staff relationships
  • Leadership support –building on strength of directors
  • HR Resources Occupational Standards Task list and manual
  • Use of HR Toolkit and Childcare Lounge web resource.
  • Getting back to Nature
  • Expand your thinking, Imagination in play