During the warmer months of the year, we take the children on neighbourhood walks and to the
park. Occasionally we will also make a special “field trip” to community resources (such as the fire
station, library, or a store). A permission form will be available in advance of the excursion
informing Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of the destination, time and date, and reason for the trip. The
permission form must be completed and signed to ensure their child’s participation. Little Scholars
will cover the cost of entrance to smaller venues, but from time to time additional fees may be
asked for special treats or lunches. These items would be optional rather than mandatory.

Rate star button free icon   Children should be dressed appropriately for these occasions, wearing clothing which protects
them from the weather, both warm and cool. Each child must be at the centre 30 minutes
before the scheduled departure time to ensure participation.

Rate star button free icon During our field trips we always have additional adults with us to enhance the ratio, and to
provide a safe and enjoyable outing for everyone. Parents are always welcome to join us at
these times, as we encourage parent volunteers on all field trips

Rate star button free icon  If we travel by car/van, staff will enforce car safety rules that comply with Transport Canada
Guidelines, and parents will need to provide car seats if their children are travelling in our van.
Parents who volunteer can, of course, drive their children to the venue and meet us there. If
we decide to hire a bus, we will require enough parents to accompany us to ensure proper
supervision and safety of the children.

Rate star button free icon Parents who wish to volunteer for an Off-Site Excursion, must, in advance, provide the daycare
with a Police Clearance.

Responsibilities of Staff before and during an Off-Site Excursion:

Rate star button free icon Before leaving staff will review with the children (and their chaperones) the safety rules and
expectations (i.e. listen to instructions, stay with staff or volunteer as assigned, no running
around or yelling, showing politeness to people/place we are visiting, etc.) for the duration of
the trip.

Rate star button free icon Staff must prepare children for outings by explaining where they are going, what they will see,
what they will be doing and which teacher they are assigned to and whom to listen to.

Rate star button free icon A staff member will take the portable records of each child participating in the off-site activity to
the venue if an emergency or evacuation may arise. Information will be given to all staff and
children on how to act and assemble should this occur.

Rate star button free icon The following must be completed by the staff prior to the off- site activity:

  • The child’s Parent(s)/Guardian(s) have been advised of the activity including the location, arrival and departure times of the off-site destination.
  • The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) have given written consent allowing their child to participate in the off-site activity.
  • The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be advised, in advance, of the transportation arrangements and supervision arrangements with respect to the activity.
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be invited in writing to attend the outing as a volunteer.
  • The portable records for each child are taken on the off-site activity and in the care of an accompanying staff member.

Rate star button free icon Parent volunteers will be given detailed instructions of their responsibilities with the
children upon arrival at the daycare.

  • At the least, they will be given a list of the names of the children that they are in charge off.
  • They will be given the names and cell numbers of the staff on the trip to call if separated and/or in an emergency.
  • They will be given a meeting place at the destination in case of separation from the others on the trip.
  • They will be given the background information of the destination and the times for the trip.
  • They will be given the number of the daycare to call if necessary.

Rate star button free icon  If a child is not given written permission by Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to attend a field trip, they will
NOT be permitted to stay behind at the centre, as staff will be needed to provide supervision on
the trip. Alternative care will need to be arranged by parents for any child/ren who are unable
to attend off-site activities.

Rate star button free icon Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be responsible for picking up their child/ren from a field trip location if
their behaviour becomes an issue or if they are experiencing illness. If Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
are unable to pick their child/ren up under these circumstances, they will be responsible for any
expenses incurred in the transportation of the child back to the daycare, medical centre or
home, or for individual supervision of their child/ren.

Children may be excluded from field trips at the staff’s discretion. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be informed
with due notice if this situation occurs so that they may make alternative arrangements for their child/ren on
these days.