After several days when my son first started this daycare, I was quite satisfied with the treatment, care and the way they were acting with my child. After a few months I was delighted and proud that I chose Little scholars daycare.
The staff that is so well suited to all the individual needs of children is unbelievable. The Daycare director puts so much effort in all events, you can text/call her and she is always ready to listen and offer assistance as she is taking in consideration on how things would work by your opinion.
The staff is so friendly and closely working with parents to share all the praise and even the less commendable situations that happen throughout the day. I like this natural atmosphere where a child really needs to be a child.
We all live busy life, but this daycare successfully involves parents in decision-making and entertainment, which really helps parents to be an important link in deciding on how their child’s daycare should be.
I would highly recommend Littleschoolars daycare to all because you want to be part of it not just observer.